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    Recording process

    Hey all of you! Haven’t posted here for quite a while, so this time we’re gonna talk about the recording process (which is what we’ve been working on all of the time over the last few months).

    The most common question we get is “when is the album coming out?”.

    Making the album is gonna take longer than we first expected. Since we’ve never recorded anything this way before, it’s pretty hard to calculate exactly when we’re gonna be finished. But our first checkpoint will be to mix the first 5 songs before x-mas. Working without a deadline for this album is a blessing for the creative process. Everything feels a lot like how you expected it to be recording an album when you where a kid. We’ve spent lots of hours re-arranging, and reharmonizing the songs to make them fit us perfect. 

    We also recorded strings for the song “Afterglow”, and it was quite an adrenaline rush to hear 25 strings play on our song.

    Yesterday (from when this was written) we handed over the first song for mix. Now we’re gonna work our asses of til the 24th of December and then down a “julmust” or two.

    Oh, and for one of the other most common questions:

    - No, there’s no autotune/melodyne or simular on the vocal runs ;)

    HO HO HO  

    Dirty Talk Vol. IV

    What’s up everybody?!

    Last month has been the most creative so far in the Dirty Loops history. First two songs are aaaaalmost ready for mix and new ones are coming along in a rapid speed. We’re very inspired atm and have a momentum going.

    We’ve also signed a booking deal with LIFELINE booking agency. We had a great meeting with them setting up a plan for tours to come.

    We got some pretty juicy news also that’s gonna be revealed when the time is right ;)

    Back to work!


    (Oh. Last but not least…. Henrik has got a 7-2 lead against Aaron in their table tennis tournament, they’re pretty equal, but Aaron just don’t have what it takes in the critical situations, too bad for him.

    Oh. And one more thing… Jonah did an interview with NRJ radio Hamburg. Be sure to check it out, we’ll update u with air times!!!)


    We’ve been busy writing songs and now finally took the songs to the rehearsal studio. We’re very excited about Dirty Loops chapter 2, writing originals. We feel it has taken us to a new level of even more freedom to express all our twisted ideas!

    What more is new since last time?

    Well, as we said on our Facebook page a while ago we’ve got a new recording studio at Cosmos studios. Awesome place and awesome people around there. Really good atmosphere to let the new album take shape.

    We’ve started doing interviews, so next month you’ll see us on the cover of … to be announced ;) And we’ve almost inked a booking deal with … to be announced soon also.

    So we’re preparing to do some gigs before the album is finished. If we’re in a town near you, come out and hang with us, and listen to us taking on modern hit music DIRTY LOOPS STYLE :D:D

    Hope you all had a great week!

    Henrik, Aaron, Jonah

    (if you put our names like that - the first letters of our names spell SHARK in Swedish, isn’t that something?)


    Tour is almost over and after a week of vacation we’re back to reality, writing songs 24/7. 

    The first songs are starting to take shape, and we’re very excited going were we haven’t gone before! For all of u who missed it - so far we’ve put up our previous work on SoundCloud for free listening and downloads: www.soundcloud.com/dirtyloopsofficial

    Thanks to all of u who already listened and downloaded! We’re very grateful for all the nice comments, makes us wanna work even harder and faster so we can come out play for u guys asap. Today is our first rehearsal focusing on the album. Gonna be a lot of fun!!!

    Ok peepz, let’s get to work so we can come out and do this again:

    Dirty Talk Vol. 1


    And welcome to the Dirty Loops -behind the scenes hang out!

    We’re gonna to try to sum up the summer so far, so let’s head to chapter 1 of the Dirty Loops blog.

    The Danny Saucedo tour!

    Our long time bud Danny asked us to join his tour in January. So pre-summer we worked with arranging the songs for the tour. All the rehearsals and everything went really smooth and all the people working with the tour have been really nice and awesome in every way. We never had to do anything but show up, play and party.

    Only discomfort was Danny’s tour traditions. As soon as you’d fell assleep, you’d be sure to wake up being slaped in the face with a cam stuck up your face… We could probably make a pretty fat beat with all those filmed slaps from the summer… ;)

    Despite the no-sleep-part the tour’s been a blast! Everything’s been great all the time!

    Stay tuned for Dirty Talk Chapter 2. It will contain fire, fusion and the future!


    Dirty | Dirty Loops

    New track on Soundcloud! Download for free :)

    Cirkus | Dirty Loops


    Hey all tumblrs

    Don’t forget to check out our Songkick for tourdates:


    Circus (Britney Spears cover)